Pippi to Kenya

I begun my morning with an exercise session with Pontus and then I’ve been busy working at Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden. I finished earlier than planned so I met up with my mom for coffee. I’m really good at making the most of work but I felt like I needed time for something private. I always feel guilty when I am not working and I feel bad when I don’t do something that has a positive effect on the companies. Like having coffee with someone that isn’t related to work or watch a movie I only see it as hours I could spend working. But my therapist is always reminding me of the importance of Isabella-time and today was one of those times. It was so wonderful and cozy to meet up with mom. I often imagine my life as a movie where everything happens so quickly. With mom I feel like I can take a break for a while and I need that.

This is where I worked today.

I’m on my way to Kenya tomorrow. I have a lot of travel anxiety. I’ve double checked my packing lots of time with Ida at home, checked the visa and everything else that is needed before we go. Marisol bought books about Sweden and Pippi. Hand in Hand said that it’s a custom to bring something small with you as a gift, so some people brought footballs or games. I wanted something that describes who we are and something for their children which my children like. Pippi.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow! So exciting. Kenya.

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