Travel anxiety

Another office day. Meetings with Löwengrip Beauty, Löwengrip Invest and the foundation. I am starting to get nervous for Thursday. I am excited and can’t wait to be there but I am also very nervous, Hand in Hand have talked me through everything we should consider, how to handle the kids, traditions and expectations on a guest. We’ll visit several villages close to Nairobi and in the countryside. I am going to try to document as much as possible.

Hand in Hand told me the women and their kids are proud over their businesses and they love showing off their work. That’s really nice to see, because it’s easy to imagine that poor places don’t experience the same joy of life. Hand in Hand support 1000 new business every day, run by women worldwide. It is incredible.

It’s almost time to exchange the streets of Stockholm to the Kenyan countryside. What a journey.

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