Seeking balance

In collaboration with Ellen

Balance is something I think we all seek in our lives, because things like stress, hormones and diet effect our wellbeing and our physical balance. You’ve been following my journey to find that balance through the blog. I’ve been learning a lot and I am developing more each day, I’m always inspired by what I read about lifestyle choices and product that gives you a better balance. You can’t always control what happens in your life, but regardless, you can always use new knowledge to do something about your situation. Part of my collaboration with Ellen is about raising our ability to talk more openly about intimate health.

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It’s still unclear for many people to know what to do if you are experiencing an imbalance in your vaginal area. Every fourth woman has recurring vaginal issues like rash, itchiness and mucus.

Period protection is something you a choose depending on what is the most comfortable but, they can actually help a lot. Ellen are unique in the world for their probiotic tampons, I have been learning a lot about why it’s good to add lactic acid.

Ellen have explained that lactic acid dominates your vaginal region and makes it more balanced, but during your period the pH levels might change because of a lower addition of lactic acid. Ellen’s pro biotic tampon contains active lactic acid which helps to maintain the pH balance. An imbalanced pH makes it easier to have vaginal problems so by adding lactic acid we are preventing those issues.

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Ellen is a company that wants to inspire and create a stronger interest and knowledge about intimate health and well being, During my collaboration alone, I have already seen how it spreads easily and I am proud to be a part of this journey.

That’s why I want to put Ellen and their unique pro biotic products in the spotlight and more companies like them, who truly make a difference.

Here is where you can be inspired by Ellen too.

In collaboration with Ellen

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