Time for packing

I haven’t felt very beautiful this weekend as I’ve been recovering from a fever so I’ll show you this picture instead. It’s from the Löwengrip photo shoot this past spring. I love the Hollywood hair.

I am off to Kenya on Thursday where I’ll have to pack differently to what I’m used to. Sneakers, thin shirts and sun protection. I will have to leave all beautiful clothes and jewelery at home. I have to start taking my malaria tablets 48 hours before I fly out, so on Tuesday. I will be staying in Nairobi but will visit the villages Hand in Hand take care of during the days. To be totally honest I do not know what to expect. My image of Kenya might be way outdated or it might be as poor as I think. Either way,it will be interesting to see how Hand in Hand work but I will probably feel ashamed if I am wrong. Why have ILF chosen to work with Hand in Hand? They share our vision about how individual independence through entrepreneurship is the best way forward.
. Here is where you can read more about Hand in Hand.

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