Fever and Friday

The kids and I woke up at 7AM and had breakfast at Hotel Diplomat:

When my fever wouldn’t go I decided to go back home (the clothing brand had finished using the house) and I tucked myself into bed. I slept until my alarm went off at 3.45PM.

…So I got dressed and picked up the kids from nursery and school. I am both cold ans sweating at the same time, it’s not fun.

After dinner (Anna made burgers for the kids and Lebanese for Lovisa and I), we had a delivery from Hermine Hold’s latest collection. So many lovely things. It’s so awesome to see that a company I started is now self sustaining without me.

I love our diadem! 299 kronor.

l Because I didn’t have a lot of energy we had an early movie night. Snacks and Ants. It’s one of my favourite kids’ movies.

Sally immediately fell asleep on the couch. I carried her over to the bed and then Gillis and I watched Yu-Gi-Oh, a bit like Pokémon. I am really bad at being sick, it’s so incredibly boring. But I should be feeling better tomorrow. I will be all better again by the Kenya trip next week which is good.

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