First employee in NYC and ILF at Villa Pauli

We celebrated with champagne yesterday, because Louise is moving to NYC today. She will be my first employee to run Löwengrip Invest from the USA. A baby step which feels huge for a small company. Louise will move into the company apartment at Lexington Avenue and we have an office withe the Swedish chamber of commerce. That’s where we will be until we are ready to have our own office. Louise will continue to run the commercial around me but with American customers and she will work with the agency’s clients.Charlotte and I will keep commuting until the visa is approved (end of sept/early oct). Many people think I am brave but Louise is the brave one. Just moving like that is huge ans to establish our business.
I am so impressed by her.

The world’s greatest Louise!

After the toast, we had a meeting in the same place regarding a brand the agency are trying to bring into Sweden. When we were done, we went to Villa Pauli where Isabella Löwengrip Foundation (ILF) had their first rehearsal dinner ahead of our gala on October 21.

Villa Pauli is a gorgeous building and I cannot envision a better place to host the foundation’s gala dinner. I have invited 180 guests. Swedish and international.

Fredrik will be our imminent toastmaster for the evening!

A few wonderful products in the ladies room!

I got up at 7am and picked up the kids who slept with Lovisa at the hotel. We are all staying at Hotel Diplomat for two days as a clothing chain are borrowing the house. The kids and I had a long breakfast which we all love. I have several meetings to participate i and then I’m picking up the kids for an afternoon in the city. We’ll see where we will have dinner or if we should do room service and watch a movie in bed. The kids get to choose.

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