A hero at the office

I suddenly caught a fever from out of nowhere today. Totally unexpected and someone told me I wasn’t at my best, but apparently it is a vaccine side effect. Nursery called during the day and said Sally had been bitten by a tick, I wasn’t sure how to pull it out but Gunilla (our HR) helped us out. I had borelia as a kid and I remember that a bit of leg from the tick got stuck so I have bad experiences from that. Anyway, I picked up the kids and went back to the office so Gunilla could help us and it was easy!

the Christmas boxes

Jeantte, our deputy CEO and Gunilla. The reason for our visit wasn’t fun but the kids love the office and meet the team. Sally was disappointed her big favourite wasn’t there: Pingis!

I took out the tweezers!

We ordered room service, played cards and watched a movie. Now it’s time for all three of us to sleep.


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