Tomorrow at 9am

Hi everyone,
The kids are asleep. I have a cup of tea and I am in the home office. First of all, I want to thank you for all your advice about this mornings pool post. We got a lot of good ideas for companies. Thanks!

Now to something more fun; I have been waiting for ages but now it’s finally time to launch my clothing collection with Stylein and Ellos tomorrow. It’ll be launched at 9AM in Ellos website and that’s the only place where it’ll be sold. Today however, we kickstarted with a lunch for a few chosen people who we showed the collection to. The event was hosted at Banks Hotel rooftop bar, which has a fantastic view.

I am so proud of the collection. It’s a real Isabella wardrobe but for a budget friendly price and is available in sizes 32-52. My favourite items are the suit available in black and in beige, the coats in camel, brown and black and longer Marilyn Monroe skirts, So beautiful.

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Other tn the clothes mentioned above, there is also a gorgeous black dress which Elin is wearing above, as well as beautiful cashmere jumpers and party clothes silk. The whole collection is EVERYTHING Sascha usually puts together for me. A big thank you to Stylein and Ellos for believing in this collection and thank you Emilia de Poret for hosting today’s lunch.
So everything will go live at 9AM tomorrow, exclusively at Ellos and I have already heard their customer service will be very busy. So awesome, Thank you.


Here’s the collection:





I have always wanted my own ”basic wardrobe” so if this works I’ll definitely keep launching collections. There is a lot of trend out there and I love creating timeless clothes!

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