Bankrupt pool-building

…There are both good and bad things happening in life, as usual. Right now, I’m in a situation I need some advice around. The pool the kids and I have been waiting for all summer won’t happen now. The building company has gone bankrupt. We got the news last week,and I’ve had my suspicions but it’s so difficult to know when neither of us have hired a company for this kind of work before. I’ve paid hundreds and thousands of kronor for an unfinished pool and I don’t even know if it has been built correctly.

Such a difficult situation. I don’t know anything about this.

This is what it looks like today. I wonder if you guys might know any good companies that would vb able to complete the pool and a good lawyer I can hire who has experience with these cases. If you know someone or if you have any good ideas, please send an email to – thank you so much!

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