H&M in Gothenburg

I’ve never liked needles but I don’t remember needles being THIS awful. I got the vaccines for Nairobi this weekend. I acted like a child who needed somethimg to eat to not faint, pee breaks and a lot of nervous talk so I got told off by the nurse who said ”I need to concentrate over here, so you need to be quiet.” Phew!

It’s all done now and I can enter the country. I had a hepatitis A and Yellow Fever vaccine (the latter is compulsory) but it was too late for hepatitis B. Another time.

Other than the vaccine, I visited all the H&M shops who are selling Löwengrip in Gothenburg (there are three). It was incredibly fun to see the display. I had the same feeling as when I saw Löwengrip (back then LCC) many years ago. Now it’s time to fly back to Stockholm and attend meetings until it’s time to pick up the kids. I’ve missed them so much.

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