Miss Clara

Today has been busy. Lots on the agenda but the highlight was my dinner with Sheila. We had dinner at Miss Clara. It’s a gem located at Sveavägen. We sat for three hours and just talked. Wonderful. Sheila’s big passion is yoga and there’s a lot from yoga you can apply to real life. We talked about things we want to keep in life, sometimes how people/moments/phases can cause pain because you miss it. I’m not a very sentimental person but some things that are difficult to let go become even more difficult. Sheila told me that the cure is to understand how life always changes. It’s wise and makes you appreciate things more and not look back so much.

Pictures from yesterday and today. I’ve just arrived back home and I am going to do a bit of an evening work session. It’s Friday tomorrow. Despite loving my job, I also love Fridays and that’s a big part of me. It’s wonderful to check out and find new strength. Both things are equally important and it took me many years to figure out the balance.

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