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In collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab

When you work in the beauty industry, you always try lots of products. It’s very rare I find favourites that I use all year around. Products I use often is vitamin silica, beta carotene, body oil from Bio Oil and the deoderant from Löwengrip Beauty. Another beauty routine that’s here to stay is The Solution from Oslo Skin Lab. I have been using The Solution for almost a year now and I can say that it’s something I’ll continue with for many years ahead.

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The Solution is always with me, wherever I am in the world. As you’ve probably noticed, we always use a packing list when I am going away and Oslo Skin Labs is always on it. Some vitamins can be difficult to bring with you because of the packaging but The Solution is easy. No bag is too small for these sachets. It’s also really easy to consume, I usually pour it into a glass of water and drink it in the mornings. It also works well in a smoothie, a yogurt or coffee. Oslo Skin Labs has made it so easy to take the product with you wherever you go, at meals, between meetings or in a water bottle.

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The Solution has made a huge difference on my cellulite, which is fantastic. When I forgot to take it for a few days, I immediately noticed the difference. The skin’s electricity got worse and it became even more obvious that I should keep using it. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s a product that really works and it’s the world’s best life hack. Right now, you can even try the product and get 65% off when you use the code ISABELLA. Click here for a beauty investment you will not regret. 

In collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab

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