Stylish with a classic design

In collaboration with Layered

There is a lot happening everywhere right now. It is so much fun to watch the company group is running, lots of exciting things ahead for everyone! That’s why I am so grateful ti have my home office. I honestly don’t know how many hours I have spent in this cozy room.



As you know, my home office is something I have been dreaming about my whole life. It has become a clear symbol of success when I finally got my home office. The interior decor is of course really important to me and I love feeling inspired. Strong female icons, my brands, beautiful textiles and colours all around my home office.







Together with Ida, I decided to put a lot of focus on keeping my design elegant with high quality. I wanted an office with products I wouldn’t get tired of. One of tgese products is a carpet from Layered, we chose Quartz and really fell in love with the carpet’s quality and design. We have another carpet from Layered, Francis Pearl, in our cozy TV room upstairs. Everything is very stylish and classic, exactly how I like it. You can find all the carpets from Layered here.

In collaboration with Layered

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