Beauty tips ahead of Fall

In collaboration with Lyko

There’s something so wonderful about starting over in so many ways. Especially when it comes to doing something new for yourself like getting a haircut, try a new perfume or change your makeup. The Fall season is perfect for that. Ahead of Fall, I always change my lipstick colours. You’ve probably noticed that I use more orange coral shades during summer. I’ve used the same summer lipstick for years! But now with Fall approaching, I use more deeper colours and shades of red or old fashioned pink for every day purposes. Lipstick is a great way and affordable way
Det finns något härligt med att få börja om, på alla möjliga sätt. Framförallt när det gäller att få göra om sig själv genom att exempelvis klippa sig, testa ny parfym eller byta ut sitt smink. Hösten är ett typiskt sånt tillfälle! Något jag själv alltid gör inför hösten är att ändra mina läppfärger. Som ni säkert har sett brukar jag använda mer oranga eller koralltoner under sommaren. Jag har levt med samma sommarläppstift i år! Nu när hösten börjar närma sig kommer jag satsa på mer djupa röda toner eller gammelrosa till vardags. Läppstift är ett prisvärt sätt att ändra look på!

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As you know, I have a collaboration with Lyko and ahead of Fall I have place a new lipstick order with them. I found five favorite colours that are perfect for Fall. Two from YSL, this Tatouage Couture, colour Nude Emblem 16, has a lovely pink shine which goes against the classic pink. It feels like a lipstick but uses more pigment and lasts longer. Red lips are perfect fpr that Fall party The Slim, colour 01 from YSL has a clear red colour that looks so luxurious. The thin shape of the lipstick makes it easier to form the lips. I love the iconic look you get from red lipstick!

Lancome is another classic brand with many new lip items for Fall. Berry Noir nr 397Mademoiselle Smiles nr 637 and Nuit & Jour nr 202 are some of my Fall favourites. Dare to try a darker shade this Falland treat yourself to a lipstick, it makes a difference and you feel so lovely.

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Mina två favoriter från YSL, The Slim och Tatouage Couture.

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Other than trying new beauty products for myself, I am also trying to find a new beauty routine. Now that daily life is back to normal, time really goes quickly for me and many others and and that means you have to find quick fixes! I’m sure many of you have let your hair rest during the summer and now it’s time to find your beauty routines again The heat brush from GHD is perfect because it detangles easily and makes the hair looks styled and shiny. When I don’t have Emelie or Michaela with me, I always use the heat brush. The only thing I need to do is brush through my hair once and bend the ends. It takes five minutes and then I’m ready for the day. It’s definitely the quickest way to style your hair!

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When you style your hair a lot it’s important to invest in products that are gentle with your hair. GHD is a great brand and one of my favourite products of theirs is their hairdryer.
It is a bit expensive because the hair dries faster and it is more gentle for the hair! Some things you just have to invest in even though it might not feel great at the time and a good hairdryee ia one of those things.

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Now that is finally Fall, it’s time to update the beauty wardrobe. Lyko have an online shop for Sweden, Norway and Finland and right now you can use the code ”Isabella” to get 20% off their whole stock at Lyko. And you can now find all my fall favourites
här. You cannot combine it with other offers and is valid from 2019-08-25-until 2019-09-01.

In collaboration with Lyko

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