Our weekend

It’s been a great weekend with quality time with the kids, exercise and a calm Sunday. The best of both worlds. Jacob and Faye had a russian themes party yesterday wih over to 200 guests. They really went all in with tanks and military transport that gave us a lift to the venue. There was a lot of vodka and caviar of course. We stayed up dancing until very late and I was home by 3-3.30. One of the best nights in a while but photos were strictly forbidden which was kind of nice.

We had lunch with the kids at Långängen farm and played a lot. We finished the evening by doing math in the evening sun. It is Gillis’ new favourite topic.

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We use the app Albert but also simpler math books.

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Seeing all your products in the bathroon is huge! Two colour bomb samples are on the top shelves. It’ll be fun to try them this week. There’s also a lot of hair masks from various brands. I want to create a moistbomb for the hair and I’m looking for inspiration.

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Not a bad place to sit and work. I am looking forward to my childfree week I’ll be spending in Sweden. I’m going to max out my working hours, meet friends and have a few days on the westcoast. I get to be in the US again from September/beginning of October because of the visa situation. I don’t like having to wait but it’s okay. I have my first Foundation journey to Kenya in September. It’s going to be a huge experience and a big thing to support both nationally and internationally. The common ground is independence for women, entrepreneurship and finding new ground. I am so grateful for the fact that Isabella Löwengrip Foundation is finally taking off in a few weeks.

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