In SvD

My phone went off a few times this morning regarding an article in SvD which was read by quite a few people. Lovely words that made me happy. It also puts pressure on what’s going on with my foundation and what we will focus on: How do we get more female entrepreneurs? How do we get more women to become owners? Because that’s exactly what it says below, men are richer than women but our society would work better if women were rich too. But there are different opinions on how to get there as you already know. Isabella Löwengrip Foundation is going to help women start more companies and own more businesses and help people make a new start. It’ll be a lifelong project that’s starting now because I don’t want to wait until I’m 80 to give back to society and help women grow. We can start now.

It’s time for lunch after a tough exercise session with Pontus. I’ve finally started with weight lifting again. I’ve been invited to a night out with Faye and Jacob and the theme is Russian. It’ll be fun!

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