Schoolstart and NE

I love beautiful environment. That’s why I was thrilled to have Löwengrip Beauty’s conference at Grand Hotel in Saltsjöbaden. It’s a hotel that’s easy to forget but I’d love to come back because it’s so beautiful.

Impressive entrance!

Lunch in my bathrobe and hair rollers.

…We took photos for my launch of Stylein X Isabella for Ellos. All my favorite Stylein clothes are being launched in September for a more budget friendly price at Ellos. Can’t wait!

A good fringe day 🙂

Our marketing manager Jaclyn is talking about the fall season. Pingis baby is due in a few weeks (exciting!) and she is working until the very last minute. Until then our substitute CEO Jeanette will cover for her.

I left the conference at three to pick up Gills at school in time. I pick them up at 4 and wasn’t sure about the traffic from Saltsjöbaden but I got there.  I was such a big moment in my mom life when I walked into Gillis new schoolyard to pick up my big boy. He was calm and happy and reminded me to cross over his name on the list. Good thing he mentioned it.

Afterwards we picked up Sally who was so proud to be in a new nursery department and inherit her big brother’s shelf. A big day for her too. After that we went home and…

….met Anna! She’s finally back! She asked the kids about all the French words they learned this summer and then we ate dinner.

Lovisa ate an Indonesian chicken curry, Sally got a milder chicken curry and Gillis got a quorn version. Delicious!

For those interested, here is this weeks menu.

The pool building project is not the quickest project I’ve experienced in my life. They’ve now told me the deadline is the last day of August…

We made some drawings and wrote in arts and crafts books until it was time to read and sleep. I’m so happy to get back into routine. I love daily life more than vacation. Now I’m going to make a cup of tea and and call my CEO Gustav. By the way, I saw today I am in the national encyclopedia, what an honour to be a part of that medium.

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