Energetic but not intense

Full speed ahead all day across the company group. But I had time to exercise this morning. Or well, I took time to exercise. During my kids weeks I prioritise mealtimes with the kidslike breakfast so I can drop them off and then have time for exercising at 8.30. I arrive at the office just after 10 so it’s a pretty late start but because I work after the kids go to bed (from 8PM to 11PM) it balances out. When I don’t have the kids my days are longer, I get up earlier for exercise and I fall asleep after midnight but it’s my passion. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep this pace up forever.

But I’m not inexperienced after my 28 years. I don’t have the same risk of burning out. I know my limits after doing the same job for years and working in different time zones. I often work to the limit byt then I wind down when I need to and I’d never let myself burnout. I’m great at saying no without feeling guilty. Usually I just need to spend the weekend sleeping or go to bed early with the kids to recharge.

Everyone has different energy levels, mine is very high. But I’m not very intense as a person or loud. I’m calm and collected. I can push myself a lot and I’m mostly pretty happy which is connected to the energy.

As a kid I think I remember Gunde Svan saying that even when he was really full he still ”ate a bit more anyway” before a race. I’m like that with work. Even when I’m so tired I can feel my eye lids burning I can still get up on stage and talk in front of people or get on a flight halfway across the globe for work. I’ve always had a bit of leftovwr energy. I don’t know why but I’m grateful for it. It also means recovery is really important and carefully scheduled.

Today’s dinner, puylinsalad. Yum!

Time for tucking in.
…Eloise became a favourites for Gillis and Sally. I bought it at Barnes & Noble in NYC. I thought it might be fun to read about a girl staying at the Plaza now that the kids are visiting NYC in October. Now it’s time for a meeting with Canada for my agency. Have a great evening.

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