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In collanorstion with Lexus

Löwengrip Invest spent Monday ar Näsby Castle for a kick off after the vacation! There’s a lot of fun things happening this Fall and a lot of changes so a kick off is a great way to start!


As you know, there are quite a few people in my household so we need more than one car. We have different car for different situations and events. Other than two additonal cars, we also have a Lexus. What we love most about this car is how spacious it is and how comfortable it feels. It’s the car we use when we have a long drive ahead of us. The kids and Lovisa drove the car to Gothenburg earlier this summer and it’s a perfect family car.

Löwengrip Invest used the car for our event at Näsby Castle. Other than being a joy to drive it’s also environmentally friendly. Lexus is one of the world’s premlum car companies and I really think it lives up to its name. It’s so easy to turn the car into a 7 seater which is perfect for our large family or events like today. It suits our lifestyle well.


 You can find my car and other models here.

In collanoration with Lexus

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