Everything starts tomorrow

We spent the last day of vacation and summer holidays at my mom’s house. It was her birthday this week so we celebrated with cake. The kids love visiting and they have a stronger relationship than I could have possibly hoped for. We picked up my brother and got some quality time in the car. My 26 year old brother is different from myself but we both have a strong passion for what we love.

We were home around half past five, I bought sushi and Gustav came iver. My new CEO for Löwengrip Invest. We covered a few things ahead of the team kick off on Monday. I’m so happy to have him onboard. He is the missing puzzle piece. You’ll get to know him better over time. We have a kick off tomorrow, Löwengrip Invest will be meeting at a castle for lunch, meetings and hanging out. Half of us are flyimg to NYC ton Tuesday, The new agency (which is owned by Löwengrip Invest) is being estqblished. What am exciting Fall season.

On Tuesday afternoon I’ll get to open the door to the new apartment on Upper East. Life! I’m so proud and happy. Everything is possible.

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