Maxime Plage

We have a place we love to visit when we are here and they actually have pretty bad service but we still go there because the food is good. The tables are in the beach and sometimes you have ti wait but it’s worth it.

We got home from dinner around half past ten yesterday, Sally fell asleep immediately but Gillis and I had some snacks and watched a movie on the sofa. Sally has always been closer to me and Gillis has been close to Odsme but that’s changed lately which is wonderful. Lots of closeness and long conversations about all sorts of things. He is such a wonderful guy Gillis. Very wise.

The view from my bedroom, I’ll probably come back to the house next year too. Lovely. It has worked really well with the kids (Odd didn’t want two weeks in a row each) and Lisa who is new in the family. The kids askre her and she gets on well with the whole gang. Lisa and Lovisa will keep working as a team when we get home. It’s so difficult to recruit people who need to work so closely with a family but it has worked better than I could have ever imagine.

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