Back in France

It was so lovely to come back here yesterday. I picked up the kids at Odd’s around 4, then we ate pancakes at Arlanda and flew to Nice. The kids drew and I finished a book. Time flew by.

We woke up at half past ten this morning. Far from daily routines. We spent ages cuddling and then ate toast with nutella. We’ve been swimming all day. Then we had a wedding at home. Sally wanted to get married to me. Lovisa was the priest, Gillis had the rings and Lisa was in charge of the music.Sally put on her prettiest dress. We thought it was lots of fun. And I cam’t help but to think if Stina Wollter’s summer programme on the radio.

We are just about to go for dinner at our usual beach-haunt. We are going to celebrate a bit extra because of the wedding ….:-)

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