A day in Stockholm and new CEO for Löwengrip Invest

I arrived in Sweden on Tuesday. I took a roadtrip to Skåne and spent a few days on Gothenburg’s cosst. It’s been lovely. I lsnded in Stockholm yesterday and had dinner with Löwengrip Invest’s new CEO – Gustav. We are building a new company group and it feels really exciting. We are looking for new office spaces again, in Stockholm where Löwengrip Invest. Isabella Löwengrip Foundation (my own foundation) and Löwengrip Beauty. I decided to sell my part in Nordic Tech House but will continue to own Hermine Hold. We’re in the middle of a visa application process for myself and employees so we can establish our company in the USA. I’m looking forward to settling into my apartment on the Upper East Side next week. Surreal but wonderful.

I’m starting a new life phase and I’m so happy about everything. It takes a lot of courage and sometimes it feels like I’m pushing a mountain in front of me but I’m used to that feeling.

I took a walk and a work phone call after dinner last night, it felt so good to be back at Lidingö. I’m looking forward to take the boat for a ride when we are home from France. Now I have a hairdressers appointment with Emelie and then I am photographing a campaign before I get to pick up the world’s best kids and fly to the house. Lovisa and Lisa are already there and will pick us up.

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