A colorful summer hobby

In collaboration with Goodiebox

Wonderful holidays. Long days and lots of time for different activities. Like many other days here in St Tropez, I’ve spent hours by the pool just like you should on holiday. I’ve also been trying out new beauty products. You already know how much I love everything to do with beauty.

Goodiebox Blog 1

The other day I opened my Goodiebox. I’m so happy it came to St Tropez. This month’s theme is ”Wear Your Pride” which I love.A pride theme means lots of colorful products. Very exciting to see how different each month’s theme is for the subscription boxes. It varies every month.

Goodiebox Blog 2

This is my second beauty box from Goodiebox and wow, what a wonderful mix of beauty products. Two face products from Clinique, a cokourful sheet mask from INC.redible, a fantastic palette with eyeshadows from Laritzy with additional brush from Nirè and a gorgeous lipstick from Mesauda Milano. Some are new brands for me and it’s fun to try.

Goodiebox Blog 3

The box is worth 910kronor – but you buy it for 199kronor with Goodiebix. If you’re curious and want to see the content from previous boxes you can do that here!

In collaboration with Goodiebox

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