Elton John’s Aids Foundation

What a night! I attended Elton John’s aids foundation gala in Antibes and brought Marisol with me who is going to be my foundation’s general secretary. It was an incredible evening.

On our way in the car. There’s a lot of security at these events, our driver needed a special note on the front of the car which has to picked up the day before the event and you have to show ID and have your bags searched. It takes at least half an hour to get into the party from the moment you step out of the car.

The red carpet (which is rarely red). I wore a dress from Carolina Herrera.

With Marisol!

And Alessandra, a new friend.

Time for dinner! The best part about the dinners are the auctions. I love it. Excitind and a bit nervous. During the last gala a male friend and I put a bid on an expedition to Svalbard. That’ll be an experience!

Elton John welcomed everyone and told us more about his foundation which works to fight aids.

Chris Martin performed!

Marisol went home today and the kids and I have been playing in the pool all day,it’s been very hot.

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