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In collaboration with Albert

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very good at math and it’s a challenge helping the kids. I’m happy that Gillis is already preparing for starting school in August. I’m looking forward to following his progress in school. I wish I would have had a helping hand when I was learning math in school. Someone who takes time to help with homework in a good and pedagogical way just for me.

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I think it’s a problem that many primary school students fail math during exams. It’s going in the wrong direction. Not everyone can afford homework help and tutoring which can be a deciding factor in your kids’ ability to pass math. Albert is a math help that was crested as a way to support these families. The founders Arta and Salman saw how mamy students were struggling with math and created Albert. It warms the heart. They come from simpler homes like I do and there wasn’t an option to have help like there is today.

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I’m a big fan of digitisation – things that help society accessing services like homework help. I love supporting those companies. Albert helps build a base for todays students. Albert really helps students and you only have to use it 30minutes per week, and the youngest learn math in a fun and pedagogical way. The older kids get help prepare for math tests.

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Now that the kids are finally back in St Tropez we’re continuing learning math by using Albert. I think the most important thing is to show my kids how fun learning is. Albert’s sessions works perfectly – they’re like a game for the kids! Here is where you can help your kids prepare by learning math during the summer. You can try Albert for free until school starts on August 20. Both Gillis and Sally will have math support until second year of high school. Wonderful!

In collaboration with Albert

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