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In collaboration with VaccinDirekt

It’s summer now and we’re spending more time outside and people are vacationing in their summer houses in nature. Where I live on Lidingö there’s lots of ticks and we’ve actually had to remove a few this summer after the kids and I have been outside. It’s so important to remind ourselves to get vaccinated against TBE, a disease spread by ticks. In Sweden, the TBE cases have increased in the last few years which feels unnecessary because it’s so easy to vaccinate yourself. The family got vaccinated in the beginning of summer, starting with the kids. I wasn’t as brave as the kids so I had to go back without them 🙂


TBE is a dangerous inflammation of the brain and it takes a long time to recover from it and some people never fully recover. Several people died from it in Sweden last year. Today, there isn’t a cure for TBE. It’s important to remember that you need several doses of the vaccine so don’t forget to top up after the first dose. One suggestion is to put a date in the calendar to remember when to top-up. And you can get the vaccine when you’re as young as one year old.

I actually have a frightening experience when it comes to ticks because I got Borelia a few years ago. I was partially numb in my body, which was incredibly frightening but it was curable. I feel fine today but I have a lot of respect for the diseases that ticks carry, so I can’t repeat enough how important it is to vaccinate yourself against TBE.


The whole family got vaccinated with VaccinDirekt, and everything went so well and the staff were truly lovely. VaccinDirekt are open all summer and have 15 clinics and 7 tick-buses. They always have vaccines in stock and easily accessible clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Linköping, Helsingborg, Lund and Malmö. You can read more about TBE and VaccinDirekt here.VaccinDirekt have a drop in service and you don’t need to book an appointment, so it’s easy to go when it suits you!

In collaboration with VaccinDirekt

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