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Before my vacation started my brain was overflowing. There was so much going on in spring, so many hours of work and little sleep. I took over Simon’s role which gave me a lot to do and we begun recruiting a new CEO. Marisol started working for us in the middle of chaos when our office move was a disappointment. I was quite sad because I’d been looking forward to it for so long. At the same time we signed an office space in NYC without really knowing what we would work with over there.

Between thousands of trips, on a jet between Stockholm and Oslo we came up with the idea for the agency in NYC. Since then we’ve kept working on it and we already have our first co owners and clients. You’ll hear more about it later on. I’m so used to talking about everything but it’s a bit different now and more at stake so everything needs to ve 100% ready. It’s fun to learn about company building in the USA

At the same time I decided to start a foundation and I have. Isabella Löwengrip Foundation. The idea is to support young people with big dreams. While I’m growing as an entrepreneur I want to give other people the opportunity to grow with me. The opportunity will live on after me and that’s awesome. There’s a lot of paperwork to finish now and I’m so grateful to get help from Nordea. They are stars. Everything is going to be launched on the 21 October.

Then I had a summer program on the radio to write and publish. And bookeeping to close. We doubled there.

Expressen also monitored every step I took. Three of their journalists worked on something they thought was an expose. That I dated a man who paid for everything. House, cars, summerhouse and even my clothes (!). It’s not often that I react to media and it’s so sad that you do want women to succeed and when you do it’s always assumed that a man is behind it all but I am a self made millionaire.

My decision to stop working with Swedish media was easy. I understand that newspapers are going to use my social media channels but I won’t give any interviews for several years. It’s time to focus internationally and on the USA. There’s another attitude to women’s expansion over there.

Regarding my dating, of course I’ve met amazing men over the years both in Sweden and internationally but it’s not their capital I’m interested in. I appreciate and look for understanding about my priorities and life choices. I’ve got enough money and independence and it’s the best feeling ever.

I have three more weeks of vacation but then it’s exciting times ahead. Two days coference with Löwengrip Invest to welcome a new CEO and then we’re off to NYC to move into our new apartment. Then I have a week in Sweden with Löwengrip Beauty and the foundation and then it’s back to NYC. That’s what my life will look like, it’ll be Sweden weeks and USA weeks. Thinking about it makes me happy and the kids will be spending Fall break in NYC. They’ll love the city.

I can feel it.

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