It’s been a very quiet day here. Charlotte stayed until the afternoon when I went to a manicure and pedicure appointment. Since then, I’ve basically spent the whole day reading. Right now, I’m reading a book called ”The city of my dreams”. It’s 29 degrees here and I’ve spent the whole evening outside until it got late. I’ve had coffee, snacks, watched the sunset and then some more reading. I’m so grateful it’s only been 1.5 week out of 5. I am totally in love with the house and neighbourhood. I can’t believe I’ve found my summer base. The only trouble is that I don’t speak French, and it makes it difficult sometimes. I don’t know if it’s worth learning the language now or if it’s too late. I think French pronunciation is incredibly difficult. I’m hoping Sally and Gillis will be able to pick it up so we can keep having a summerhouse here in the future and I can learn from them. Maybe I can make it something fun for us to do together. What do you think? Can you learn a new language? At least maybe learn more than polite phrases.

Golden hour. Now I’m going to continue reading!

  1. Matina skriver:

    Hi Isabella, i am from Greece and i learn svedish although i am not so young becouse i love sweden! You are an ispiration for me! I wish i had your beauty products here!

  2. Really like your photos ! Always wanted to learn swedish even more since my boyfriend and I decided to leave France and go live in Sweden in 2021 ! But it seems so difficult to pronounce and write ! Enjoy your holidays ! ❤️

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