Saturday in France

We had a cozy Saturday by the pool. We’ve basically been wearing swim clothes since we got out of bed but around 6PM we got ready for a visit to St Tropez for dinner at BanH Hoi. Gillis wanted to do some shopping so he got to visit the stores he wanted to see and Sally came with him so she got a few things too.

The dior bread is so beauriful

Shorts and top from Gant and skirt from
Nathalie Schutermans own brand. Bag Bottega Veneta and flats from Flattered.

It’s so cozy with all alleyways, this is where I had dinner.

…On our way home, we visited the candy store by the harbour and bought Saturday candy. Everything is really fresh. I love marshmallows. It’s ten o’clock and we’re heading home. Late nights but that’s our routine here and it suits us. Late nights and late mornings until half past ten every morning. Lovely.

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