A new start to 2019

The kids are flying back to their dad tomorrow. We’ve had an incredible week together and they’re back next Monday. Lovisa and Lisa are flying with them and then Lovisa will be back here. I’ve booked myself a spa session tomorrow and then I’m going to visit the chanel store. I’m looking forward to my childfree week here. I need time and reflection. It’s going to be a mix of spending time with people I like and time to myself. Charlotte who will work with the agency is here and we’re going to have lunch on Tuesday.

I’m looking forward to writing a lot of lists. Goals and visions. I see the fall season as more of a newstart than the new year. I reflect on a lot after summer. That’s why it’s great to have time off. Think about what’s been good /less good and what I want from the rest of the year.

Here are my thoughts/goals for the fall. But the list will change during my vacation. It’s a process:

For me, a lot of it is about figuring out my company management in Sweden, how to prioritise my time when I live part-time in the USA. I’m starting to settle with having Löwengrip Invest (it’ll be great to have a new CEO!), Löwengrip Beauty and my foundation in Sweden. I want an office at Strandvägen. A turn of the century environment with wooden floors that creak, dark Swedish tenn furniture and a beautiful conference room with a view wherw we can host lunches and dinners in fancy china and on linnen table setting. I always imagine my goals as movies and all the details are so important – everything visual …. 🙂

We get the keys to our Upper East Side apartment on august 1 and then it’s time for my colleagues to pack the bags and move in (!). We’ll keep our offices ar Gateway (Swedish Chamber of Commerce) all year. Our start in NYC couldn’t be better. My team over there are amazing. I eventually want my own office in midtown. I want huge windows and completely bright surroundings. More Scandinavian decor for the agency and a bit darker at the office in Stockholm. Establishing the agency is a big goal in itself but we’ve already started and I’m actually a bit nervous about it. It’s the biggest endeavour of my life. But there are American co-owners and a lot of formalities to finish.

My goal with the Fall is to find a balance between Stockholm and NYC new routines and new schedules. I am hoping for a calmer family life at home and growing/expanding in the USA.

I need to think about what to do about my social media channels. When I get back from my holiday I was thinkig about removing .se and only keeping my english .com. With a bigger presence in the USA, it feels more natural. But I need to figure out my instagram. I need to figure out another,less personal layout. The kids are growing up and there’s always the security aspect we need to think about. I haven’t decided what to do yet but the idea is to expand internationally as a brand and make it less private to keep our daily lives safe for everyone involved. I don’t know if that’ll even be possible at all.

What do you think?

  1. You are unique. The way you do things, and the way you share them with us, is a big part of what makes you such an inspiration. I can see the security part, especially with the kids, and especially as you grow. But, again, your ”private” way of doing things is one thing that makes you unique, and your instagram/blog has been already ”professionalized” a lot. It can become boring (and just like any other) if you professionalize it even more. How about just not showing the kids anymore? You can just talk about them, but not show them at all.

  2. I love to see your personal Life on instagram. Please don’t Stop doing that!

    Have a Nice day

  3. Bella skriver:

    I can only give you my personal opinions.

    You might want to add a ”translate” option to your english blog if you want to retire the swedish version, that way your swedish fans might feel a bit appeased if they have that option and people are generally used to and understand the context even though the translation might not be the best.

    Another opinion I have is that I really like that we get to see your private life, with your kids and how you manage to be both a woman with big dreams and still succesfully manages a life with kids, it is inspirational and breaks some of the boundaries and taboos that society has put on women.
    And it is fun to see you evolve, seeing the big house, the boat and other things that you’re ”not supposed” to do as a single woman, showing the rest of us that it is possible, that it is okay to focus on your own dreams, even with kids.

    On the other hand, I would like to have more insight in your work because everything feels abit shallow, even your posts about your worklife, there’s alot happening that we never see.
    Maybe abit about your failures, when you fail, and how you deal with it and move forward, when you realise it’s a bad idea and that process.

    You should have a person who follows you full-time and write your blog for you (you might already have one) that has the time to give us a little more in-depth without becoming to private.

    Me personally would like to read abit more about failures, flaws, bad days with the kids, at work etc. But at the same time I think it might be a bad idea since the rest of the business-world is male and might see that as a weakness and hesitates to invest in your company because of it.

  4. Question, your agency in the US…is for what purpose? Is it the sale and distribution of Lowengrip Beauty in North America?

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