Cabane Bambou and Joakim Lundell

Today we changed our routines and had a day on the beach and lunch outside. We went to Cabane Bambou after breakfast to hang on the beach and have lunch on their beach club. Lovely! We got back at 6pm and played in our pool followed by dinner at home. Lisa made salmon and salad with spinach, avacodo and pomegranate. Then another version with watermelon and feta cheese. I get hooked on things easily and that’s my new hang up. I’ve eaten it every day since I got here.

The kids are happy and I’m enjoying time off. I listened to Joakim Lundell’s summer program and so far he’s the one I can relate to the most. We’re very different but similar. The same diagnosis but different degree of it 5
I’m not as rules by my emotions and I think more rationally. I always feel the same way if my shirt doesn’t fit properly. I can deal with my flaws by having a team around me. They make sure my life is scheduled and it makes me feel calm because they handle everything to do with travelling, kids etc so it runs smoothly.

I can basically work all day around without tiring but managing packing alone makes me cry. I appreciated Joakim Lundell’s summer program because he explained how you can live with your difficulties. I turn into a superwoman when I get help with what I can’t manage myself. It’s not very Swedish to have those kind of goals but I can’t let personal challenges stop me. You just have to find another way forward. ..:-)

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