Vacation routines

It’s Thursday today but it felt like Wednesday. We’ve definitely adjusted to new routines here and it usually takes a while. I’m the kind of person who needs routines to feel good. The kids come over to my bed at night and we’re never up before 10. This morning, we got up at half past ten. Wonderful. Breakfast outside, followed by the kids swimming in the pool and I go for a walk to take phone calls with colleagues. When qe come back I swim with the kids and then we have lunch at home around 2 o’clock followed by more swimming and then a siesta and snacks in front of a movie around 5. At half past seven, we book a dinner table in either Saint Maxime or Saint Tropez and we always try new restaurants each night. We always stay up and talk for ages, our dinner out are the highlight of the day. We get back around half past nine and then I tuck the kids into bed.

It’s a wonderful vacation routine. It took a week to adjust and luckily we are here until mid august.

View from our house.

Sally’s unicorn

Dinner in St Maxime

Wonderful, lovely kids. I’m so grateful to finally have so much time together. They’re asleep now so I’m going to take some work calls and then Chernobyl. I was watching it until 02.30 this morning…

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