Ice-cream at Barbarac

I’ve been on vacation for a week now and it feels great. I’ve been winding down but also found a perfect balance with work. A few phone calls and emails per day and my social medias. I’ve worked maybe two hours per day in total. It’s perfect.

We spent the day in the house and swam a lot. Around five we went into St Tropez to shop and have dinner at Napoleon. In my opinion, that’s a perfect vacation day. Pool-time, long lunch and new restaurants at night. Sally and Gillis have been brought up with eating out and they think it’s fun. Waiting when grown ups talk, sitting on flights and going out for dinner, small talk, saying thank you, ask if you want something, greeting people properly, all of that is important to get right when they’re young. It’ll never become an issue then, when they’re older. Everyone has different priorities with their kids but for me, that’s been very important. Getting to play and be a child is of course another focus but I would never accept fighting or whining. They’re a bit precocious (their dad and I were the same) so it comes naturally.

Always a visit to Chanel’s villa:

Now it’s time for the second episode of Chernobyl…

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