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The kids are on summer vacation now and Gillis will start school this fall. He’s really excited and can’t wait. I can already tell that he wants to prepare himself, it comes naturally to him and he’s reading and counting more. Finding something that stimulates the kids learning is fun. We draw a lot of words which Gillis and Sally get to repeat but I think math is difficult. Writing words and listening is easy but I don’t know where to start with math. It’s probably because of I lack self esteem when it comes to math, and that’s why its great that there are plenty of apps available.

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Albert is a service which is a digital math teacher. It teaches math in a fun and pedagogical way. It can be used by kids between 3-16 years old. It’s so cool to see how the content follows t curriculum and has been created by academics, teachers and scientists. You can use Albert on your tablet or cellphone for kids over 9 and for under 9 you can use a computer or reading tablet. There’s lots of different setgings so kids can choose different types of math. Can you imagine if this existed when I was a kid!


Gillis and Sally are hooked on the app. Sally spent over an hour today with the app and it’s great for all ages! Albert is built so the kids have different levels for each time they complete a task, so it feels like a game! And it stimulates their learning which is great.

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If you have kids you should try Albert, it’s a really clever service that makes learning fun. Right now, you can use Albert’s premium service free until school starts on August 20 Click In collaboration with Albert

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