We’re finally here. Travelling withe the kids went really well. Gillis watched a movie and Sally made videos of herself with her iPad. She watches a lot of youtube and loves a channel called The Swedish Family who are her idols. Alma and Harry are her big inspirations and I can tell when she’s recording and talking. She puts the ipad on selfie mode, presses rec and talks. She says things like”We’re on the plane now and almost at our new home in france.” The content isn’t shared anywhere of course but it’s fun to save. I see a lot of myself in her even though she only four 🙂

Hello house!

There’ll be more pictures tomorrow.

The kids bedroom. If you see my instastory you can hear my kids screaming with joy when they see their beds. So cute!

The house has three floors and the top floor is just one big master bedroom. We made toast when we got home and I tucked the kids in at 11PM. Everything ended a bit late but that okay. It’s bedtime for me now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the ocean!

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