Day 1 in the house

First day in the house! Lazy morning, breakfast on the patio and swimming in the pool. I went fir a walk before it got too hot and I find brilliant steps for a workout. We had lunch at the patio and ate watermelon, feta cheese, spinach and mozarella. We had a siesta, swam at the beach, visited a hairdresser and now we’re almost about to go for dinner.

I’ve noticed a few questions around the house and specifically if I’ve paid for it myself and of course I have (!). It’s my reward after a stressful spring. I booked it back in February so I could use it as a goal and work towards. That’s how I work. And now I’m here. People seem to find it difficult to accept that I am 28 years old and can pay for things myself. I don’t really care what people think but it’s imoortant to make it clear. I’m so proud that I’m able to do this alone. But I also know (and can feel) all the hard work behind it all. That’s why I’m SO tired right now. I fell asleep by the pool earlier today (Lovisa kept an eye on the kids) and I can feel my quick work pace now that I’m relaxing.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

  1. I don’t think that people don’t believe than a 28y old can rent a house. It seems you like to constantly mention how old & rich you are but you do not need that 😉 I think what people want to ask is if the house is sponsored…a lot in IG nowdays are sponsored…and if you make some ads for boats etc of course people are going to ask. Enjoy your vacation!

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