Intimate lunch with Ellen

In collaboration with Ellen

Jenny Fingal (Ellen’s CEO) and I got the idea to host an intimate lunch om the 26th of June at the Opera terrace during a meeting. We discussed how we could work together to shine a light on women’s intimate health and talked about their pro-biotic intimate cream with coconut oil which has helped many women from all age groups. I really wanted to bring forward that product with Ellen.

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The interest around probiotics keeps growing in various subjects areas and I’ve been reading a lot about it lately, especially when it comes to diet and skincare. Ellen’s product stock consists of globally unique probiotic tampons. Why is that so important? In my collaboration with Ellen, I’ve learned how having unbalanced PH values can become an increased risk for vaginal problems and probiotics help balance it out.

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Jenny and I agree that women’s health has always been about just accepting the problems and carry on but that’s not okay anymore, we should have come much further! Perhaps there’s still a stigma around intimate problems which means we don’t talk about it? Many women might not even know what’s normal for your body and just wait for the issues to disappear. The purpose of our lunch was to inspire and raise awareness and interest for knowledge about intimate health and wellbeing. That’s why we gathered lots of people who work within that area.

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We had a panel debate with me, Jenny and a midwife Cecilia Hagert from Öresund’s midwife group. One of the questions we were asked was how we were going to raise more awareness. Cecilia wants to talk about it early in schools. Ellen actively work with women’s health questions with all age groups through different channels to reach out, and with our collaboration we’re hoping to open a door that’s been closed for a long time. You can read more about Ellen here!

In collaboration with Ellen

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