Goals and summer project

I decided to have a free weekend. I’ve caught up on my sleep and spent a lot of time outdoors. For a while I thought I’d get ill because I’ve been ignoring a cold since May (how is that possible!) but nothing happened. Phew. Today is going to be calm and filled with beautyfix, Filling my eye-lashes, dye my eyebrows, manicure and pedicure – everything is at home which I appreciate. I’m going through another French manicure phase. It happens now and again. But I always want the white edge soft and nails short. Other than that, I’m basically all ready for my vacation. In the meanwhile, I’ll take some telephone meetings before I’m off. Charlotte and our new co-owner Kyle are flying to Zurich to meet with one of the agency’s new customers. We’ve had such an amazing start with customers even though our agency isn’t registered in the USA yet. But it’s not stopping us because we are doing collaboration with Löwengrip Invest. When it’s time, we’ll just move everything to the agency.

My security team are picking me up around four o’clock and then we’ll pick up the kids at Odd’s house. Then it’s time to head to the airport and fly straight to our house. I can’t wait!

Gillis and Sally have been excited for months. Sally can’t wait to jump into the pool and Gillis is looking forward to baguettes, cheese and French chocolate cake. The kids will be flying between me and Odd with my team. They’re so used to travelling that it won’t be a problem. So I get three weeks with the kids and two by myself. Lovely.

I have lots of goals for ,y vacation but one of them is having long breakfasts with the kids on the patio, pool play and when the kids are asleep I’ll be lying on the patio with a glass of Chablis and a book. I’m going to listen to the sea and enjoy my own space. My project for the summer is going to be quitting the sleeping tablets. I already started this Friday (I thought it was wise to quit before t kids get here) so I’ve had three nights without Imovane. It’s been easy, weirdly enough. Maybe because I’d prepared myself that it’s okay to not be able to sleep. I know I din’t need my ”security blanket” and I’m going to keep it like that from now on. The bad habit started in November last years when my life fell apart but it’s time to break the pattern. I haven’t been as happy and peaceful as I am now in a long time and it feels. right.

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