St Tropez

I saw this story at the house account on instagram this morning when Lovisa and Lisa were heading off (Lisa is working for me because Ida will go on maternity leave). 100kg packing for five weeks in our house in St Tropez. Lovisa and Lisa flew with everything today to set things up at the house and cars. The kids and I are flying on Monday.

Time for vacation…

I got an update from Lovisa today and the house is so fantastic! I can’t believe I’ll be here for five weeks from Monday. To start with, I’d booked up every single week with visit from friends but I actually cancelled everything after this week. Thankfully, all my friends understood. I need these weeks and time alone with the kids with unplanned weeks (our hometeam will be here as companybut it still feels like I’ll be alone because I’m so used to it). When I’m there, I might well change my mind and invite someone to visit but right now, I love knowing that I have five unplanned vacation weeks. That hasn’t happened for a very long time. The house is a reward for crazy work hours.

Now it’s time to recover! Oh!

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