The apartment is ours!

…And the apartment is signed for and ready! My company has accommodation set up in NYC from August 1. It’s such a big thing! There were so many papers to sign but it’s done now! It’s like I’m starting a new chapter in life and I love it. No more hotels over there, which feels great. I’ve been there one week each month since November last year and it’ll feel great to actually have a home. A walk in closet for my clothes. My beauty products in the bathroom. Food in the fridge. Exercise shoes in the hallway.

In NYC! Pinch me!

The apartment is located on 85th street by Lexington Avenue. Right by Central Park. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and you can see the park from the living room. Charlotte and Louise are living there full time and I’ll be there 7-14 days per month. Like I’ve said before, picking the best of both worlds. Building company in USA and days with the kids in Sweden which means working with my foundation and Löwengrip. I have a dream-life ahead. We haven’t quite worked out all details but that’s how I work. I just know there are some thing I have to do and a few things will have to work out along the way. You just have to throw yourself out there and I’ve done that before.

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