Spontaneous tea-time

I arrived back from Visby yesterday. I booked a massage at home and afterwards I went straight to bed and fell asleep for 13 hours (!). When I woke up I met my PT Pontus to exercise and then we went out for lunch.

After that, I had a visit at Grande Hotel and a facial treatment. After Almedalen and long days, my skin needs moisture. I went by Dr Mat and bought dinner for myself and Sheila. I texted her this morning and asked what she was up to in the evening. It turns out we were both without plans and kids! I can’t remember that last time we could hang out so spontaneously!

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I love visiting Sheila and hanging out in her kitchen. Rasmus wasn’t home so it was just the two of us. I was reminded of a time before all four kids and careers. We did things like this a lot together.

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Spending a Thursday evening with my best friend, drinking tea – absolutely amazing. But I realized I haven’t had many of those evenings this year. We laughed and cried. Always such a mix. I went home around eight and did a bit of work and chatted with my colleagues. It’s almost ten o’clock and I’m almost done with work for a customer. I’m actually on summer holiday as of yesterday but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do, but I’m not at the office and there are no meetings. Spending my evenings with work is something I love doing regardless. There’s nothing cozier than making a cup of tea and having an evening work session

I have a few days to myself without the kids (time for recovery) but we’re off to our house in France on Monday. We’re so excited!

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