Almedalen tomorrow

It’s been yet another idyllic day. What a weekend! Michaela and her kids came over so we took the boat to a small bay and stayed there all day. We had lots of picnic food with us and the kids played in the water all day. It’s so lovely to see our kids hang out and loving each other’s company. All four of them played together and today they found a raft they took turns on.

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Exploring a mini island.

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The kids fell asleep at half past seven, so I’ve been working on the patio. I think there’s a concert of some sort happening all the way from gärdet to Elfvik (!). Tomorrow I’m off to Visby and Almedalen. Löwengrip Invest have rented same house as last year and a few of my colleagues are already there to prepare.

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.. A hello from Louise! She’ll be moving to NYC after summer to run the agency with Charlotte and Kyle.

We’re hosting a dinner at our house on Gotland tomorrow for people we like and on Tuesday I’m hosting a larger dinner to announce my upcoming foundation which is why I’m there this year. Other than that I have an interview with Finnish Helsingin Sanomat, Petter’s annual networking, meeting with Hand in Hand and a meeting with Nordeas CEO Casper. I’ve also flown in our American co-owners for the agency, because there’s a few people we are meeting together. Full speed ahead but a bit calmer than I’m used to.

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