Growth and dinner with the kids

This week (last of June), I’m closing the books for Löwengrip Invest and I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished since last time. An incredible growth. Last year my company had a turnaround if 7.5 million kronor and now we’re closing the books at 16 million. That’s more than double the amount from last year. My goal was 18 million but we didn’t quite reach that but that’s okay. This growth is a sign that we’ve done well especially with our NYC establishment. There’s been twice as much work but it’s been worth it.


Friday report for Löwengrip Invest. I love having sale goals. They’re broken down to month, week and day. This year we didn’t reach 18 million but I’m proud of our growth from 7.5 – 16.2 million. We’re aiming for USA now, each penny is going to our establishment over there.

Today the first bids went out to our American clients, and that feels awesome. Until the american company is launched we are running things from Löwengrip Invest. There’s no reason to make the clients wait 🙂

And now for something totally different:

I’ve had meetings from early mornings that have turned into board meetings and I finished the day with creating content on the boat. My days are always different and I love it.

I love the sea.

Around 5PM, the kids and I visited Djurgårdsbrunn for dinner, So beautiful and idyllic scenery. I feel so grateful for everything in life.

The kids normally don’t drink soda but we celebrated Friday and that we’re going to France soon.

Deli selection for Sally, cheeses for Gillis, Green Cabbage crisps for me and lots of delicious food for main courses. A cozy Friday with the kids.

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