The finish

Today, Löwengrip Beauty hosted a summer lunch to say thank you and goodbye to Dinah, Hannah and Frida who are leaving us. It feels sad of course, but I’m choosing to be grateful and proud over their efforts. I don’t really believe in endings because you always run into each other when you least expect it. Hannah has started a company called ANYHERE. When one team members starts their own company, it’s the nicest review you can get as a manager.

There wasn’t enough time today. My hairdresser’s appointment turned into a meeting…an effective couple of hours.

..And Charlotte stayed at my house until midnight. All USA calls are always late at night. Lots to finish before summer vacation. I realised how crazy these past two months have been. Simon left us in May and I took on his role as manager for ten people. I can’t wait until Gustav joins us as CEO in August, leadership isn’t one of my strengths. During these past few weeks I’ve started two new things, office in New York, Agency in the states, the American co-owners and lots of new customers. I’ve arranged an apartment in NYC is another big thing. We’re moving in on August 1. I’ve also started the process to launch my foundation: Isabella Löwengrip Foundation. During my dinner at Almedalen I’ll be telling everyone how ILF will be operating. On top of that, I also broadcast my summer program on radio.

Since 28th April, I’ve worked from 6AM to 2AM. Early mornings and late nights. Crazy days but we’ve managed a lot. USA, here we come.

By the way, speaking of summer talk, I got this message on Instagram:


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