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In collaboration with Svensk Adressändring

It’s summer and time for a long sought-after vacation for myself and many others. I can’t wait to close down shop and head to France for a few weeks with the kids. Because I am a public person, all my followers know when I’m not home. If I just left my mailbox would be full and that’s not good. Having an overflowing mailbox with personal things means something can go wrong for me and others. That’s why I’ve chosen to get Pause my mail with help from Svensk Adressändring.

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As a public person, my identity, safety and security around my mail is extremely sensitive. It’s my weak link, it’s so easy to steal someone’s identity today. If you open someone’s mail you can find out sensitive information, find bills, doctor’s notes and so on. EVERYTHING is there and it’s so vulnerable!

That’s why I’m so happy over my collaboration with Svensk Adressändring. They’re a company everyone gets in touch with at some stage int heir life and they offer many good and important services for when you’re moving house or when you’re travelling; address lock, re-routing post, temporary re-routing and pause your post. I’m so proud to work with them.

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In case you’re away for a longer period but within Sweden, maybe you’re going the countryside, make sure you order a temporary re-route of post! That means you don’t have to go back to your mailbox at home to make sure you get all your mail. Svensk Adressändring cooperate with most mail delivery services in the country so they can send the mail to any address. If you’re like me, and are going abroad, make sure to pause your mail. That means your mail won’t be sent until you’re home again, so clever. I feel safe in the hands of Svensk Adressändring.

Right now, students and everyone under 26 years old get 50% off all of the above services with Svensk Adressändring! You can read more and order Pause your Mail ahead of summer here.

In collaboration with Svensk Adressändring

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