Ellen, Agnes and Sheila

I landed, got my makeup done and went to attend an intimate lunch with Ellen at the Opera terrace:

I’m proud to be a part of Ellen’s journey. Probiotic intimate care. Everything that has to do with innovative women’s health is something I love investing in. Whether it’s digital contraceptives or ultrasound or….a tampon with pro-biotics. It’s fantastic.

Afterwards I picked up Gillis and Sally around half past one at nursery. I love getting there early..

Gillis had painted and built our house! These things make me melt!

The kids needed and afternoon snack and I needed a late lunch so we made a stop at Cafe Lidingö. We ate sandwiches first and then we had cake. We were full when we decided to visit the…

…Museum of Natural History!

We walked around and looked at skeletons, watched a film at Cosmonova about pandas.

All three of us loved it!

After the movie, Gillis wrote a list about all animals he wanted us to support … 🙂

After the museum (highly recommended) we went to our regular restaurant Agnes for dinner with Sheila and the kids. We at in their downstairs Chambré, very cozy.

This dish with lentils from Gotland is one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while. A cozy wednesday with our best friends. The kids have just fallen asleep and I’m going to work. Hugs!

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