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In collaboration SmileBright

Teeth and mouth hygiene has always been important to me. It began when I realozed that I had skewed teeth as a teenager. I got braces pretty late in life and they were removed before my 18th birthday and I was so happy. I had the braces for four years. The first year was awful and it wasn’t fun fir a teenager.

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After the years with braces, teeth are important to me. I always carry toothbrush and toothpaste in my bag. My smile is my signature look because I always smile on photos.

I get a lot of questions about how I get my teeth so white. I used to bleach my teeth as a teen but now I got to a dentist! Nowadays, you can even do it at home! It takes ten minutes, everyone has time for that.

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I’ve been using SmileBright Teeth Whitening for a while now, and I’m so pleased! It’s a really easy product, you put the mouthpiece on the lamp machine and apply the gel before you put it in the mouth. Then you turn on the lamp, and aim it at the teeth for ten minutes. Rinse your mouth after and you’re done! It contains natural ingredients that are gentle with your mouth.

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Bleaching your teeth used to be expensive, bad and complicated. Today, it isn’t. It’s the red thread following my beauty advice, it needs to be quick and simple. When I’ve had a period with lots of coffee drinking and wine I can easily make my teeth whiter again. SmileBright has a 100% customer satisfaction which is amazing. With the code ”Isabella” you get 20% off and right now they have an offer where you get 50% off so you’ll save another 20% with my code. You’ll find the product here!

In collaboration with SmileBright

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