D Day

I don’t know what to say. I’ve never felt such love online in my entire life, as I did today. I’ve been in total shock. Hundreds of messages on instagram, email, and comments. I’ve actually read every single one. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’m so happy and grateful that you liked my Summer at P1. Releasing it was one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life.

Other than Summer being broadcast, we had D Day for the agency over here. All companies we have met with over the past few weeks were here today and we hit the jackpot everywhere. A lot of fun.

Meeting at fantastic Gateway with Paul Hutchinson. So many good things happening.

And then onto another favourite company…


Back to the office to gather strength…

…Preparing for next meeting.

Next gang flew in from Canada. It’s a lucky job I don’t get particularly nervous. It’s not every day you hold a presentation for eleven people in English. But I just had to look out over the skyscrapers to get strength.

After the meeting, Marisol spent all day on the phone. Being my communications manager isn’t easy.

Marisol sat here at 04.10 AM:

…But she’s fantastic.

Life feels pretty surreal right now. Summer in P1 and a goodbye. Then meeting all new customers for the agency at the office AND an apartment. After today I’d actually planned to take a walk int he park and then roomservice but we are so wired that all three of us decided to celebrate…

…And we couldn’t imagine a better place than La Esquina. Margaritas and texmex food.

Melted cheese and lots to choose from. Divine. Today could not have gone better.

It’s time for a new journey in life!

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