Warm summer days

In collaboration with Ellos

Staying away from all the hottest day in Stockholm takes a few tricks. We’ve prepared the house with AC and fans. I always drink ice-lattes in the car. In NYC you have to run into shops with Air Conditioning. At the office, I prefer to dress in cooler clothes, like the outfit I wore this week. I love being barelegged all year around, but I also love not having to wear a coat. The summer has its charm.

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I’ll never get tired of clothes like these ones. I chose this summery outfit because it suits between meetings and lunch shopping. I look forward to the rest of the summer. Sascha has cleared out the wardrobe with all the winter and autumn clothes! Right now there’s only clothes with thin fabrics and the possibilities for a summer wardrobe are endless. It’ll be fantastic to pick and choose for my vacation!


Such a lovely top from Ellos collection! With a classic black skirt. I’m always so happy when I find gems like these. I love this top in beige which will be lovely with a skirt in a similar shade.

In collaboration with Ellos

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